Our models are

Supercool, empathetic, professional, overwhelming and better at your set.


No matter if funny or deep, we have models with acting ambitions which know how to play with the camera. Be sure your costumers won’t only fall in love with your products.


We have athletic models which are fit and in perfect shape. Our low carb models can move the hearts of your costumers like mountains.


We have models with special experiences at the court. From Fashion Week to Bread&Butter, no runway can hit them out of the line.

Book now

How you will get our models for your project.

Just send us your concept or script of your campaign with all the information about your needs, so that we can send you a vision board of models that fit to directly what you are wishing for. Now it’s up to your decision which of our recommendations you will choose, and then we’ll send them right away to your place. PLUS: You additionally need a photographer and a Make Up Artist? Just mention it in you request and you will get some of our nice ones too.

“The most important thing on the set is to have fun with everyone behind and infront of the camera. It not only need to be a job rather a good vibed experience nobody will ever forget.”