Our dancers are

Hip Hop, Afro Dance, Modern, Latin, Ballet and much more.


For a commercial you need people not only with dancing skills rather with acting ambitions which know how to play with the camera. Our dancers will make it hard for you to decide if it’s a dancer or an actor.


What is a music video without big cars, champaign and some booty shaking dancers. We have more then this. Dancers for all music genres and moods. The sexy ones for the gangsters, the crazy ones for the Gagas, the deep ones for the ballads and many more.



Stage Fright? This is an unknown word for our dancers. We have dancers killing it on the stage and let it burn like fire in your pants. Dancers with passion which love to show they skills in front of thousands of people.

Book now

How you will get our dancers for your project.

Just send us your concept or script of your campaign with all the information about your needs, so that we can send you a vision board of models that fit to directly what you are wishing for. Now it’s up to your decision which of our recommendations you will choose, and then we’ll send them right away to your place. PLUS: You additionally need a videographer and a Make Up Artist? Just mention it in you request and you will get some of our nice ones too.

“The most important thing on the set for me is to be one with the whole team. So that the viewers feel the power of the vibes through out their eyes or their screens. This just needs teamwork and discipline.”